Meet Maddalena

Maddalena raises her glass to the bold dreamers of the world, for whom this wine is made. Here’s to you.

Maddalena Riboli in a wine store - old photo

From the moment Maddalena Riboli emigrated to the United States as a little girl from Italy in 1929, her strong work ethic and eagerness to succeed was apparent as she and her family farmed the fields in the San Fernando Valley. This is where she met her future husband, Stefano Riboli, while she was driving a tractor on the family farm. Once married, she immediately began working at San Antonio Winery, which was the Riboli family business. It was her vision to expand the family’s winery with vineyard holdings in Monterey County and Paso Robles. Maddalena is now in her mid 90’s and continues to be actively involved in the winery where she began her wine career as a young woman.

Shaped by the values of Maddalena Riboli, the matriarch and girl boss who built a wine empire out of one small LA winery, this modernized “young Maddalena” is a strong female who has a love for life and is on a mission to turn her dreams and business goals into a tangible reality. She is fresh and approachable, but is filled with fierce determination and is uncompromising about the quality of things. This is reflected in the artisan wines in this collection.

Woman in dress holding a bottle of Maddalena wine and three glasses