Woman holding a glass of red wine

Fetching Fridays


The work week is over and the weekend beckons, brimming with shiny possibility. Start it out with a splash by making the most of your Friday evening. Channel your inner Maddalena and curate your weekend to match your mood. Will it be a large gathering or an intimate affair? Either way, Maddalena’s got you covered for whatever your Moment of the night may be.

With Your SO

So you want to treat your partner to something special, but are tired from a long day of work and don’t have a lot of time on your hands? Two words: Movie night! Impress your SO with ease by making pesto & sundried tomato angel hair pasta. Pair with a Maddalena Merlot, whose deep plum, raspberry, vanilla and anise flavors complement the savory tomato notes in your dish. Dark chocolate dipped strawberries take under 10 minutes to prepare and are the perfect end to your meal. Settle in for your favorite romantic movie… May we suggest Under the Tuscan Sun?

Girl’s Night

So you’re single and loving it and want to have a fun night with your best girls (and guys!)? Invite your friends over and have a Pink Party. Sharp cheese, juicy red grapes and a selection of chocolate truffles make for crowd-pleasing refreshments. Maddalena Rosé has notes of fresh berries and peach and is so photogenic that you’ll have dozens of shots to remember your night with for weeks to come.

Treat Yourself

Self love is the most important kind and it’s a top priority to put yourself first. Don’t be afraid to take yourself on a date! Go to a yoga class to decompress and, when you return home, run a warm bubble bath. Grab your favorite book, light some candles, and pour yourself a glass of Maddalena Riesling. Settle into a heady honey and apricot bliss that smells like golden wildflowers.

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